About Lamlinks

Incorporated in 1995, Lamlinks Corporation is a certified DoD Value Added Network (VAN) and developer of Value Added Services that interface with government procurement activities. We have developed a suite of products designed with two goals in mind: to increase sales of our customers to the federal government and improve efficiency for our customers. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors and independent contractors in all types of industry located throughout the United States and abroad.

We offer a range of solutions designed to satisfy the varying requirements of government contractors. We have experience working with a variety of environments from Fortune 500 to small business, and in integrating our products with the many operating systems and computer environments that exist in the marketplace. We have a depth of knowledge and expertise in government contracting systems that we have accumulated from over 15 years of experience in adapting to the ever changing contracting systems and practices implemented by the United States government.

At Lamlinks Corporation, we strive to provide superior customer service and an ongoing commitment to innovation. We take pride in offering superior value to our customers and in maintaining aggressive pricing for all of our products. These practices make us the ideal choice for companies that want the most service at the best possible price, regardless of which products they choose.