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Who doesn't want to increase their sales? Lamlinks Corp. makes it possible by providing both the tools to process opportunities with incredible efficiency and also generate detailed reports on the competition so users can identify near misses and then turn them into awards for subsequent solicitations. Here’s how we do it.


LamlinksPro is an all-encompassing, customizable software and information service package, designed specifically to manage defense contractors' entire procurement cycles – providing everything from lists of new sales opportunities up through the ability to automatically submit invoices in WAWF and all of the steps in between. LamlinksPro has a centralized database, which means that not only is information always, immediately available to everyone, but it never has to be double entered – thereby allowing for superior resource allocation, inter-department information sharing, quicker production and eliminating human mistakes.

In addition to interactive tools, LamlinksPro also has a built-in robot that will perform a number of automated tasks and streamline your business, thereby freeing up man-hours to increase both productivity and revenue. The system was designed with workflow in mind, so it's intuitive – prepopulating data whenever it can – and easy to use. LamlinksPro also includes a wealth of management reporting capabilities both on the macro and micro level. Don't settle for tracking your company's performance, track each quoter and supplier, even generate detailed reports on your competitors.

We have a track record of customization at Lamlinks, and can not only import your existing data, such as quoting history, internal price lists or databases of vendors and drawings, into LamlinksPro, but add tailored functionality and deliver it both quickly and for a reasonable cost.

We are proud to offer all of the below functionality for one reasonable cost.

Bid-Matching Functionality

LamlinksPro’s starts with the same excellent service provided in Lamlinks3, but the similarities end there. LamlinksPro’s robot will automatically:

  • Download your daily notices of new opportunities along with the actual solicitation file and any available TDPs and store them in your LamlinksPro database
  • Filter the solicitations into customized buckets, allowing you to highlight the most important items and distribute the daily workload across your office
  • Create and send (both via email and fax) customized RFQs, price lists or sales opportunities to specifically targeted vendors, distributors or clients
  • Download solicitation status updates, including award information and cancellations, so you don’t waste time on passed opportunities

Interactive Bid-matching features include:

  • The ability to record and compare vendor pricing, so you can quickly determine your best source
  • Follow-up features based on solicitation closing date, as well as a number of other criteria
  • Query tool: to locate and research that proverbial needle in a haystack
  • Kit management tools
  • Note tools
  • The ability to select a basis vendor for government quotes, so LamlinksPro can both pre-populate the manufacture CAGE and P/N of your bid as well as track your performance (win: loss ratio, etc.) based on that vendor's pricing. See the Quoting and Analytics sections for more info
  • A Quote Calculator: the ability to transform vendor pricing into a government quote by calculating (or entering) your costs, comparing an array of markup options directly against Procurement History and your profit margin, and then automatically moving your government quote price directly into the Quoting module

Quoting Functionality

Once you’ve decided on a price, you can quote* to the government:

  • LamlinksPro remembers your demographics and pre-populates both the solicited quantity and requested delivery (if applicable), so you can create and submit government quotes to both the DLA and NECO with the push of a button. All you need to do is enter a price, unless you’ve used the Quote Calculator to automatically pre-populate that field too
  • Maintain a database of your pricing history for easy research into past bids
  • Avoid wasting time on cancellations or awards, LamlinksPro will query DIBBS in real time to make sure the solicitation is still open when you attempt to initiate a quote
  • Ability to update and re-bid by simply changing the erroneous data
  • Ability to submit minimum orders quantities and alternate quantity pricing
  • Ability to submit bids with or without exception
  • Quotes are submitted both via EDI and batch upload
  • Lamlinks Corp. provides quote delivery verification and easy follow-up tools, so you never have to wonder if your quote was accepted or not

*Please note that R and IDPO solicitations cannot be submitted automatically. However, you can still use LamlinksPro’s quoting module to create a record of those types of quotes for your database.

Analytics Functionality

LamlinkPro’s most highly-coveted feature is its ability to generate detailed reports comparing your performance against the competition and how your vendor’s pricing affects your ability to win awards. Use this data to refine your approach and double your awards:

  • Track overall company performance as well as each user’s individual performance
  • For losses, compare your pricing to the award to see how close you came both in terms of dollars and cents as well as a percentage
  • See the winners of every award you covet
  • See both summary and detailed information on all of your competition and compare your pricing directly
  • See how each of your suppliers’ prices affect your ability to win contracts

Contract Management Functionality

At its most basic level, LamlinksPro’s Contract module consists of two main facets – contract management and shipping tools – but when you get down to it, there are a whole lot of features. It starts with automated functionality performed by the robot, which will:

  • Download all of your awards, both .PDFs and EDI contracts, so you maintain a comprehensive database of all awards
  • Extract all CLIN information directly from the contract to populate your database, thus allowing users to print the correct number of item labels without entering quantities or part information

Interactive Contract features include:

  • Print all necessary labels including interior container, outer container and MSLs both with and without RFID tags in full MIL-STD-129P compliance
  • LamlinksPro is fully RFID compatible, able to work with both thermal printers and pre-printed tags
  • Utilize the only commercially available push-button interface to VSM/DPMS: upload CLIN info and download TCNs, real time updates to the Ship To and Mark For DoDAACs as well as a VSM/DPMS Control Number
  • Submit invoices and notices of shipment directly to WAWF with the push of a button (You’ll never had to use the WAWF website again!), including signed Certificates of Conformance or ARP info and any necessary attachments
  • Print all necessary paperwork including packing slips, paper copies of a DD250 and much more
  • Ability to import additional files (such as spreadsheets and emails) and store them with each CLIN. Print or export copies of these files as well as the contract itself at any time, that’s the beauty of the database
  • The ability to record item weight for an NSN, thereby allowing LamlinksPro to automatically calculate packed weight for all shipments, both present and future for the same item
  • Full suite of accounting/financial tools that are export capable, including a real time query into DFAS that displays scheduled payments as well as problem invoices

Purchasing & Warehouse Functionality

Save time and eliminate mistakes because users can:

  • Create P.O.s with the push of a button by recalling vendor pricing from the database
  • Manage your entire P.O. history in a single database, including researching, reprinting and/or re-issuing old purchase orders
  • View and manage back orders
  • Receive and reject orders
  • Manage and locate inventory
  • Assign inventory and/or back orders to your awards
  • Full suite of accounting/financial tools that are export capable

Lamlinks Corp. is proud to offer two versions of LamlinksPro to meet your business needs: CLOUD and ON-SITE.

LamlinksPro CLOUD

With LamlinksPro Cloud, Lamlinks hosts your database on our secure, state-of-the-art servers, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading your infrastructure or backing up data. Utilize every LamlinksPro’s feature from any Windows PC in the world, that’s the beauty of the Cloud; all you need is an internet connection to get started.

LamlinksPro ON-SITE

If you have your own IT department you may prefer to host LamlinksPro in-house. Requirements include both SQL and domain servers.

Learn More

Because LamlinksPro is customized to each business we cannot offer a free trial. However, we are happy to schedule a tailored demonstration. Simply call (323) 469-4560 to set one up today or get more information about the product and pricing.

Professional Solutions

Research Tools

LAMLINKS Online Parts & Vendor Library

A fantastic research tool for government contractors, our Online Parts & Vendor Library allows users to locate a wealth of information from both a parts and vendor perspective. Query on the parts side using a variety of methods and see both awards and open solicitations, along with a wealth of technical data (PH, MCRL, technical characteristics, PID, End Use Description and Packaging info). We even list available drawings, along with the opportunity to download them as an add-on service (see TDP D/L section for more info). Users can also research data based on company names or CAGE codes and see the resulting demographics, booking history, recent awards and open solicitations that cross reference to their CAGE code. Results are customizable so you only see the data you want. Try a 10-day free trial today.

Lamlinks3 Tools


Don’t waste time scouring bid boards for sales opportunities. Let us do the leg work. You provide the search criteria and we’ll return a daily list of all open federal solicitations along with PH, MCRL, PID and a whole wealth of relevant data. We aim to provide every public, federal solicitation available (DIBBS, FedBizOps, TACOM, NECO, REDSTONE are just a few of the sites we pull from). Try a free trial today. If you’re looking for customizable features, automation or a total business solution LamlinksPro offers exceptional service.


Looking for a faster or easier way to submit your bids to the government? Use the Lamlinks3 software. Lamlinks3 remembers your demographics and pre-populate both the solicited quantity and requested delivery (if applicable) so you can create and submit government quotes to both the DLA and NECO with the push of a button. Simply enter a price. With Lamlinks3’s Quoting service you get the benefit of both avoiding logging into DIBBS and maintaining a database or your bids. Quotes can be submitted via EDI for increased speed. See EDI Service for more information.


Ever wonder who’s winning the contracts you didn’t? Now you can keep abreast of the competition in one single place with Lamlinks’ Awards service. Every Sunday we’ll email you a spreadsheet containing detailed information on all the contracts awarded the prior week that match your search profile.

Basic EDI Service

Use Lamlinks as your Value Added Network (VAN) for fast and reliable EDI service. We’ll submit your bids to the government and translate all transactions the government sends you, including remittances (820’s), award notices (836’s), requests for quotation (840’s), awards (850’s) and acknowledgements (997’s).

Custom Reports

Do you have a requirement that none of our products meets? Request a custom report. We have extensive experience in generating custom-tailored products covering a wide range of data and outputs. For more information call (323) 469-4560.