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What is Lamlinks Bid-Matching Service (BMS)?

Lamlinks Bid-Matching Services (BMS) is a process where we identify and transmit potential sales opportunities of federal solicitations to our clients along with all associated, relevant information (Procurement History, the Master Cross-Reference List, technical specs, etc.) every business day, usually before 7:00 AM EST. In order to determine which solicitations to send, we develop a tailored search profile for each client and check it against the entirety of daily-issued federal solicitations. In additional to mining all of the DLA, Army, Navy and FedBizOps websites, we receive EDI solicitations from hundreds of partners. We offer a free trial of our Lamlinks3 BMS, so you can compare it against your current provider. LamlinksPro also makes use of Lamlinks BMS.

What is a search profile?

A search profile is the list of criteria we use to determine which solicitations to pass our clients as part of our Bid-Matching Service (BMS). Lamlinks works with each client to ensure that their search profile is complete and hits the sweet spot, making sure that no opportunities are missed without inundating the client with excessive data. Search profiles can be built upon a variety of discreet or interconnected criteria including CAGE and NAICS codes, NSNs, P/Ns, keywords, FSCs, estimated values, inspection points, TDP coding, etc. We have dozens of criteria to choose from, so no matter how simple or complex you need your search profile to be, we can build it. Clients can request search profile updates as often as they like for no extra charge*.

*Some rare exceptions apply for poorly compiled and overly complex requests. However, the customer will always be notified or any problems and given an opportunity to clean up their data before changes are applied.

How do I manage seats for the Online Library?

The task of adding or deleting users can only be accomplished by the individual who is the Account Administrator. The Account Administrator can add or delete users as required, up to the limit of users for which the company is billed. If the limit needs to be raised, the Account Administrator will need to contact us in order for the necessary changes to be made to allow adding additional users. It is important that all users be listed on the account with a unique login and password since the sharing of that information is expressly prohibited and may result in suspension of service.

What is the advantage of using Lamlinks Bid-Matching Service (BMS)?

In a word, efficiency. Let us do the legwork, determining which opportunities you'd like to see and delivering them before the start of your business day, so you can focus on quoting instead. Lamlinks BMS is the fastest way to process solicitations and thereby maximize your bookings.

What benefits does Lamlinks provide?

Clients can get the data, tools and training they need to quickly and easily research parts, process sales opportunities and track performance. We offer superior customer support. When you call Lamlinks, you'll never have to deal with a robot answering the phone. Our staff is knowledgeable and will work with you to get the job done. Whatever your price point, we can match you to a product that will make your work-life easier.

How do I know which product is right for me?

Call (323) 469-4560 and tell us about your needs. Because we offer a range of options, the best fit may not be immediately apparent. Let us recommend a solution that fits both your requirements and budget.

How can I change my password?

Under your login name in the upper right hand corner, there is a dropdown menu. Go to the My Account link and click on it. From there you will be able to make your desired changes.

What is EDI?

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and refers to electronic transactions between trading partners sent by a VAN (Value Added Network) according to specified guidelines. As a DoD certified VAN, Lamlinks can provide EDI services between defense contractors and the government. Some common transaction sets Lamlinks processes are 810's (Invoices), 820's (Remittance Advices), 836's (Notices of Contract Award), 840's (Requests for Quotation), 843's (Quotations), 850's (Contracts), 856's (Shipment Notices) and 997's (Acknowledgements).

What is the difference between Lamlinks3 and LamlinksPro?

We describe LamlinksPro as the big brother (or sister) to Lamlinks3. Although both products incorporate Lamlinks Bid-Matching Service, the differences are marked.

LamlinksPro is a customizable, database product built on an SQL platform (thus providing all of the benefits a consolidated database offers) and features a robust array of sophisticated automation options. LamlinksPro was designed to go far beyond basic Bid-Matching functionality and meet the entire spectrum of needs a typical defense contractor requires. It is the ideal solution for a company looking to consolidate their operation into a single application and will handle all aspects of the business from research up through processing awards, including extensive performance analytics. We offer two versions of LamlinksPro: ON-SITE (where clients house the database on their servers - perfect for integration with your other proprietary databases) and CLOUD (where we house the data on our servers - perfect for companies who want to be able to access their database from virtually any Windows PC in the world). Because LamlinksPro is customized to each business, we cannot offer a free trial. However, a personalized free online demo is available. Call (323) 469-4560 to schedule one today.

Lamlinks3 is our basic Bid-Matching product and contains all the data you need to process and quote sales opportunities. It is simple-to-use, requires virtually no training and runs on a single work station. Lamlinks3 cannot be networked, though it can be installed on multiple workstations and run independently for no additional charge. Unlike LamlinksPro, additional features are not included as part of the basic service cost. Quoting and Awards can be added, but Analytics, Contract Management and Purchasing & Warehouse functionality are only available with LamlinksPro. We offer a free trial of Lamlinks3 for new customers.

See Products for detailed information about the functionality available in both LamlinksPro and Lamlinks3.

Can LamlinksPro be customized specifically to my business?

Yes, we realize that every business is unique and has its own requirements. As software experts, we can customize LamlinksPro to our clients' specific criteria, delivering personalized functionality in a reasonable timeframe for a fair price.

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