Lamlinks Knowledge Base
Click on a link below:

Add New User

To add a new user go to My Account while logged in as the Lamlinks Online Library Account Administrator.

My Account

From the Administrative options select Add New User:

Add New User

Next, fill in the form with the user's name, email address and a password. The phone number and fax are not required. Click Add New User button when done.

New User Form
Change Online Library Password

To change the account password go to My Account -> Change my Password

My Account

On the Change Password Form, type the new password twice and click Update Password

Change Password
Disable Internet Explorer Scripts

Scripting errors may occur using the Internet page in Lamlinks3 or LamlinksPro.
These errors occur on the Server's Web site and are beyond the control of the Lamlinks software.


To stop these annoying popups follow the procedures below.

1. Open your Internet Explorer browser.
2. Click on Tools in your IE menu, located at the top of your browser window.
3. A drop-down menu will now appear. Choose the option labeled Internet Options....
4. The Internet Options dialog will now appear, overlaying your browser window. Click on the tab labeled Security.
5. In the 'Web content zone' section, click on the option labeled Internet.
6. In the 'Security level for this zone' section, click on the button labeled Custom Level....
7. A Security Settings dialog will now appear. Scroll down until you reach the 'Scripting' section. Under the 'Active Scripting' header, select the radio button labeled 'Disable'.
8. Click on the button labeled OK.
9. A warning message will now appear asking 'Are you sure you want to change the security settings for this zone?' Click on the button labeled Yes.
10. You will now be returned to the Internet Options dialog. Click on the button labeled OK.
11. Restart your Internet Explorer browser.

Edit Company Demographics

To edit the Company Demographics please follow the steps below. Note that only Lamlinks customers will be able to see the changes when doing vendor searches. To change demographics information so that is available to the public please make those changes with the appropriate government agency.

Click on My Account -> Edit Company Demographics

My Account

Once the necessary changes have been made to the demographics information click on Update Demographics button. Remember that you can modify any field and not all required to update.

Update Demographics
How to reset a Forgotten Library Password
You can request your password by clicking on the "Forgot your username/password?" link below the sign in button.  Make sure you enter the email address you signed up with and we will email you your credentials. Please use the following steps to recover your forgotten password.
  1. Click on the Forgot your Username\Password? link under the Sign In button on the Sign In page
  2. Enter your email address used for the Lamlinks Library and click on the Submit Request button
  3. We will generate a new password and send it to you via email

Install Lamlinks3 on Windows 7 or 8.1
  1. Make sure that you have installed Windows 8.1 NOT 8.0
  2. The user installing Lamlinks 3 should have administrative privileges to the computer to install the software
  3. Lower the User Account Control Settings
  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Open User Account Control Settings
  • Move the slider from the default all the way down to Never Notify and click OK
  • Open the Lamlinks menu item from the top menu and choose Company Setup
  • Type the Lamlinks Login and Password
  • Click Save
  • Setup Diagnostic Tools
    • Open the Lamlinks item from the top menu and choose Diagnostic Tool
    • Change the Lamlinks Web Interface to Not Visible from DOS Window
    • Make sure the Lamlinks FTP IP is SFTP.LAMLINKS.COM
    • Close Window
  • Download Notices

  • Library Code Tooltips

    Certain items on our Online Vendor or Parts Library display codes to alert the user of certain criteria that has to be met in order to successfully bid and win a contract. We have made it even easier now to find out what those codes mean. When a code is displayed, simply hover the mouse over it and the definition will be displayed. See below:


    Library Results Column Sorting

    A new and very useful feature has been introduced on our newest version of our Online Library. When viewing search results for part or vendor queries, some columns have been enabled for sorting. Each table can be sorted independently from each other and there is no reloading of the page or re-querying. Columns that are enabled for sorting will show double arrows next to the column title and will change to an arrow showing ascending or descending when clicked. See screenshot below:

    Column Sorting

    In the image above you can see that three columns are enabled for sorting. The image below shows the third column being sorted in ascending order.

    Column Sorting - Sorted
    Make PayPal Payment
    If you are Signed In follow the steps below:
    1. Click on your name on the top-right of your screen and then click on My Account
    2. Under the Other Services section, click on Make a Payment
    If you are not Signed In, click on the Support menu option and then click on Make a Payment

    You will be directed to our Make Payment form. Make sure to fill out all the required fields marked by a red asterisk and click on the Continue to PayPal button

    Please note that there is a .3% charge (Charged by PayPal) when making a payment using PayPal. The form will automatically calculate the total amount by adding the Transaction Fee to the Invoice Amount.

    Online Library Login

    A new way of signing in and signing out has been added to our new site. Users now have clear and consistent way of signing in to our Online Library. To log in, click on the Sign In button at the top-right of any page to start the login procedure.

    Site Sign In

    Type in the email address and password on file and click Sign In.

    Site Sign In Form

    Note the Keep me Sign In check checkbox. By default, we will remember the user's identity on this browser for three months. After three months the user will be required to sign in again. If the user checks off the Keep me Sign In checkbox, the user session will be forgotten when the browser is closed. Anyone wanting to use our Online Library will be required to sign in again.

    Parts and Vendor Library search history

    A great new feature has been added to Parts and Vendor search pages which remembers the user's most recent successful searches. Once the query is submitted and results are returned, that search criteria will be saved and displayed the next time the user is ready to do another search. Not only do we now remember the up to seven search criteria, but we also remember it across sessions so the user can log in from any computer/browser using the same username and password.

    The Image below shows what most users are used to seeing, an empty search box ready for the query.

    Search History Empty

    The image below shows the search box populated with the last search key. Not visible here, you will also notice that the last search type will also be selected. To search on one of the previous searches stored on your history simply click on the search key and the query will be executed the results will be displayed.

    When search history is displayed, hover over the search key and the search type and key will be displayed. In addition, if particular search history set needs to be deleted, click on the delete icon displayed next to the search key. If all search history needs to be deleted, just click on the delete all link at the end of the search history display.

    Update User's Profile

    The user can now change personal information such as the full name, email address, telephone number, etc. Go to My Account -> Edit my Account Profile

    User Account Preferences

    This section allows the user to customize their browsing experience when logged in to our Online Lamlinks Library. Several options are available. To find out what each preference does hover the mouse over the question mark next to the title of the preference.

    Go to My Account -> User Preferences

    View/Edit Existing Users

    This is an Account Administrator function and can only be performed by a user who has signed in to the Online Library using credentials that have administrative privileges. To access the existing accounts go to the Account Management page.

    My Account -> Edit Existing Users

    On the Account Management page, click on View/Edit Existing Users. A list of users will appear like the screenshot below.

    From here user accounts can be modified to change the name, email address, contact number, etc. by clicking on the icon. A user can also be Deactivated but still remain in the list. A deactivated user will not be able to signing and use the Lamlinks Online Library. A deactivated user can be Activated so the user can have access to Lamlinks Online Library again.

    Edit View Users

    A user account can also be deleted by clicking on the icon. A deleted user cannot be recovered without calling support. Lastly, the account administrator can send a user their signin credentials by clicking on the icon.